Professional Business Fraternity
Delta Upsilon Chapter | Texas Christian University

Delta Sigma Pi is a brotherhood unlike any other. We not only strive to push ourselves to be the best we can be professionally, but in every aspect of our lives. Each day we make an effort to live out the purpose of Delta Sigma Pi and encourage our brothers to embody the Four Pillars that our fraternity was founded on. These four pillars include Professionalism, Fundraising, Community Service and Social. We make ensure our brothers are being pushed to grow as business men and women and as members of our community. 

As soon as our new brothers receive bids they are given the opportunity to take on leadership roles whether it be in fundraising, community service, professional development, public relations, scholarship and many others. By fully immersing our new brothers in the fraternity, they get to meet members of the fraternity that are further along the path they are just embarking on. We host events each semester including community service events, professional events, social events, including formals and tailgates, and fundraising events! These events help to create a strong bond between our brothers and create a close knit fraternity that we are all proud to be a part of.